While watching geese in a field, you will almost always see a bird stretching and flapping its wings. It is like a green light to birds in the air - "Come on in, nothing's wrong here!!" This decoy is that bird! No other flapper has captured the lifelike motion like the "X-Flapper." The flapping motion grabs and holds their attention. A great way to attract the geese and draw their focus away from you - the hunter. You won't believe your eyes...but the geese will!

Assembled with quality injection molded parts, for a clean fit and finish. Wings with photographic feather detail for ultimate realism. And a remote system with a range of 100 yards.

Welcome to the beginning of the revolution!

Includes: Decoy, footbase, head
Remote Transmitter
6V SLA Battery with leads
Battery charger

*90 Day Limited Warranty


To protect your investment, JTR offers the "X-Harness." It places the wings in a secure and locked position for transportation and storage. Plus it includes a convenient carry handle. Made from durable cordura and nylon straps with velcro.

6 Volt Battery

6 Volt 7AH SLA Rechargeable

Never hurts to have an extra battery. Have a spare ready to go on those extra cold days.