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The X FLAPPER is Now on a New Decoy

Every hunter knows the need to be one step ahead of the game and other competition. We have created a motion decoy that does that and then some. Simply put, this is by far the most realistic goose flapper on the market.

Realistic flapping motion done by having wings with two joints. No more single motion for wings. They actually open, and then flap like a live goose. Controlled by a single button remote system, the hunter presses the buttom; decoy does its programmed motion, and then returns to a folded wing position. No more jerk strings to trip over or get tangled in. No more staking down decoys only to have it pull out after a few pulls of the string. And no more goose flapper that doesn’t look like a goose.

It is simple to assemble, simple to operate, and it is simply better!